Novia University of Applied Sciences

 Turku and Vaasa, Finland


Novia UAS has about 3500 students and a staff workforce of 390 people. Novia has five educational units or campuses in Jakobstad/Nykarleby, Vaasa (Seriegatan and Wolffskavägen), Raseborg and Turku. Degree programmes in English are offered in Raseborg, Turku and Vaasa.

Novia University of Applied Sciences offers multidisciplinary higher education with a practical orientation. It offers 34 degree programmes leading to a Bachelor’s Degree, four of which are taught entirely in English: Environmental Engineering in Vaasa, Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Raseborg, Nursing in Vaasa and Maritime Management in Turku

Degree Courses Available Through English

Environmental Engineering
Bachelor of Engineering

Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Bachelor of Natural Resources

Bachelor of Health Care

Maritime Management
Bachelor of Marine Technology

Overview of the Town or City

Turku has approximately 180,000 inhabitants and it is an officially bilingual city (Finnish and Swedish). In Turku, everything is easily within reach. The city layout is simple, efficient and easily accessible by bus, bike or on foot. Turku offers excellent travel connections to the rest of the country as well as abroad. The unique Turku archipelago with over 20,000 islands lies just outside the city and is easily accesible. Turku offers plenty of hiking and nature trails through the numerous parks and hills surrounding the city for those who like to jog, ski or skate. Furthermore, Finland’s four distinctive seasons give its nature and Finnish lifestyle an ever-changing aspect.

The three universities in Turku form a unified campus area located next to the historical centre of the city, only a short walk from the heart of the city. With a student population of over 30,000 studying at different institutions of higher education, Turku is a lively and well respected university town offering a wide selection of services, business, sport and cultural activities. There are numerous theatres, cinemas and museums situated in Turku and the city is hosting several festivals and events all around the year.

Turku, alongside Tallinn, Estonia, is appointed the European Capital of Culture for 2011.

Vaasa, the sunniest place in Finland, has a young population. It has seven beaches within three kilometres. The Archipelago around Vaasa are a natural world heritage site.

Vaasa is a place where history meets the present, culture meets nature and boutiques meet the market hall. Squares and large parks in the centre, together with a rocky archipelago create a seaside resort with a unique atmosphere.

No fees for EU students

Degree courses available through english: