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Course Name: MA Visual Culture – Lund

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MA Visual Culture – Lund

Visual Culture

Masters Visual Culture

Lund University

2 years

Programme Outline

This Masters programme aims to strengthen the student s theoretical knowledge and understanding of the vital importance of images and other visual expressions for communication in society. Visuality is studied from a critical and intermedial perspective, which includes elements of sound or music, and where aspects like power, history, social relations, gender, and ethnicity are central. The programme is mainly constructed as an interdisciplinary combination of Art History and Visual Studies, Film Studies, and Musicology. Furthermore the role of visual communication (and to some extent, its auditory reinforcements) is analysed -in artistic as well as mass medial forms – when it comes to shaping the major issues of life. The programme covers both mass culture and art, for instance, design objects, architecture and urban environments; painting, photographs and sculptures; film, video and television. Programme modules/Courses Theory of Science and Methodology in Visual Culture (15 ECTS), Western Design in a Globalised World (15 ECTS) or Swedish National Film Culture in a Global Context (15 ECTS), Audio-visual Culture (15 ECTS) and Representations of Violence in the Visual Arts and Media (15 ECTS), Visual Culture (30 ECTS), Master s degree project (30 ECTS). .

 Entry requirements

Bachelor degree in any of the following subjects (or in equivalent subjects from other or foreign universities): Art History, Visual Studies, Film studies, Design, Architecture, Musicology

Application Deadline: 15 April