Warsaw University of Life Sciences


Warsaw, Poland


Dating back to 1816, Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS-SGGW, formerly Warsaw Agricultural University) is the oldest agricultural academic school in Poland At present, the university consists of 12 faculties, 6 interfaculty units and 2 MBA programs; there are about 25,000 students enrolled. Students can choose between 27 major disciplines and 60 areas of specialization. Since 2007, WULS-SGGW has been part of the EUROLEAGUE of some of the leading Universities of Life Sciences (Swedish Agricultural University- SLU; Copenhagen University; BOKU – University of Life Sciences in Vienna; Wageningen University; Hohenheim University; Prague Agricultural University).

The new campus of Warsaw University of Life Sciences comprises 47 buildings and includes facilities such as the Sports Centre, University Hotel, the Main Library, the Crystal Auditorium, and student dormitories (3800 beds)

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the leading veterinary faculty in Poland with the both large and small animal clinics and modern well-equipped laboratories in basic and clinical veterinary sciences. There are approx. 120 members of academic/teaching staff. In the faculty and, each year, a total of 200 students are accepted into the Faculty

Overview of the Town or City

Warsaw – Poland’s capital – has a population of about 1.6m: similar to that of Dublin. The vibrant heart of the largest country in “New Europe”, Warsaw is now poised to make is presence felt as a business and cultural hub. The city, particularly the centre, has a stunning architectural heritage, and an uncontrived but cosmopolitan choice of restaurants, cafes, bars & pubs.

With 230,000 students the city has an exceptionally high ratio of students in its population and ensures a young dynamic pervades the city and ensures a vibrant night life



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