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Carl Linnaeus was possibly the greatest Swedish scientist of all time. With roots in the Småland region of southern Sweden, he went on to capture the world of science as his stage. He was intrepid, curious and innovative, someone we would call an entrepreneur today. In adopting Linnaeus’ name for the new university, we aim to show that we have a similarly high level of ambition and the same exacting standards.

Linnaeus University pursues teaching and research in Kalmar and Växjö. Kalmar, with its close proximity to the coast and the Baltic Sea, is noted for its prominent research in the natural sciences. In Växjö, the humanities and social sciences are strong research areas, as well as research connected with the forestry and the wood industry.

With 34,000 students and 2,000 employees, Linnaeus University is one of the larger universities in Sweden. The concept of close connections is a guiding principle in our work. At Linnaeus University there is an active student life, with close relations between students, researchers and other members of staff.

Like Linnaeus, our roots are in the Småland region of southern Sweden. In the true spirit of Linnaeus, we see no limitations in the wide-ranging scope of our work. The university profiles in Kalmar and Växjö are truly international, with major opportunities for participation in both regional and worldwide networks

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Overview of the Town or City
Växjö is an exciting combination of idyllic small town, university town and centre of entertainment – a strong regional centre in the middle of the south of Sweden.  It has a population of some 80,000. 

Växjö is located in the middle of Småland, a region of contrast and diversity where one can find everything from tourist beach towns to deep magical forests.

Växjö has a vibrant young music life that has helped to develop well known rock bands such as The Ark and Melody Club. To support young music, the Music House was established which has fully equipped rehearsal facilities, recording studios and concert hall.

 Business life is rich and diverse – 7,000 companies in a dynamic mixture of sizes and industries. Major international companies collaborate with smaller entrepreneurs. 

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