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Course Name: MSc Psychology – Groningen

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MSc Psychology – Groningen

University of Groningen

12 months

Eur 1951

General Information

The key questions addressed in the Master’s degree programme in Psychology concern how people perform and function in task-related and interactive settings, and what individual, social and environmental factors influence their functioning and performance. All is addressed theoretically and in an applied framework, such as environmental psychology.

The aim of the Master’s degree programme is to teach you advanced knowledge and skills and to train you in fundamental and applied research in a specialized area within psychology with an emphasis on Cognitive and Social Psychology. The cultural context of human behaviour is a major focus of interest.

Programme Content

The programme is a one-year programme (60 ECTS) combining core courses with an individual Master’s thesis project.

The courses comprise:

Foundation/specialisation courses
Brain and Behaviour
Attitudes and Behaviour
Environmental Psychology
Skill Acquisition and Training
Cognition, Motivation, Emotion
Power and Leadership
Social-Psychological Experimental Technique
Applying Theories
Experimental Design and Analyses of Variance
Repeated measures

The Master’s thesis project

  • At a research institute in the Netherlands or abroad
  • An individual empirical study on a specific subject under the supervision of a senior staff member, carried out internally or externally
  • Concise report of the research project, often in the form of a (pre-) publication


  • a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or an equivalent
  • competence in terms of:
    • knowledge of disciplinary subjects in psychology and their applications
    • skills in designing psychological research and reporting it
    • knowledge of methods of data collection and analysis
    • an analytical and critical attitude enabling you to assess scientific informationplus a letter of motivation