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Course Name: MSc Astrophysics – Lund

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MSc Astrophysics – Lund


MSc  Astrophysics

Lund University

2 years


Progamme Outline

This structured two-year programme offers you the opportunity to learn about the universe and apply your knowledge of physics in a vibrant and fast developing area of science. The first semester is spent on core astronomy courses, including high energy astrophysics and dynamics. In the second semester, you will begin work on a 60 ECTS degree project under the supervision of internationally well regarded professors, and this project continues over three semesters.You will also take four more courses broadening your knowledge of the most exciting areas of modern astrophysics such as exoplanets and the early universe.

Programme modules/Courses

Compulsory courses: Stellar Structure and Evolution, Dynamical Astronomy, Statistical Tools in Astrophysics, Planetary Systems, Extragalactic Astronomy. Electives: Astrobiology, High Energy Astrophysics, Introduction to Astrophysics, Laboratory Astrophysics, Observational Techniques and Instrumentation, Computational Astrophysics. For courses there are normally about 4 hours of lecture per week as well as additional seminars and workshops that are led by the teachers. Note that during the autumn in the first year you will take two courses in parallel at all times. Supervision for the thesis project is individual, but students receive at least two hours supervision per week during the whole project. In addition to that you will be fully integrated into the life of the department and actively participate in weekly group meetings and scientific seminars.

Entry requirements

BSc Physics

Application Deadline: 15 April