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Course Name: MSc Environmental Biology – SDU

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MSc Environmental Biology – SDU

Environmental Biology

MSc  Environmental Biology

University of Southern Denmark

2 years


Programme Outline

This Master’s programme offers well-balanced theoretical and practical expertise obtained through lectures, field- and laboratory work, group discussions, hands-on projects and assignments. Overall, the programme will prepare you for jobs in the environmental sector – in governmental institutions and consulting companies.

As a student at University of Southern Denmark, you will become part of a study environment we call Living Science. Your day will be characterised by great academic value and you can look forward to meeting your fellow students as well as researchers from a wide variety of fields. But a university programme at the Institute of Biology is much more than courses, classes and lectures. Good friends, a solid network and a living study environment are all part of creating a connection between the academic and social spheres.

Biology covers a large spectrum of subjects from molecules to ecosystems and from early life forms on Earth to climate changes on land and in the sea. As a biologist from University of Southern Denmark, you will gain a broad education which can be used in many different contexts in almost any work place; in the private business sector, research, teaching and public administration. In the Biology programme, you will work with current issues every day, which will often be close to daily life and the nature around you.

Work is primarily experimental in the laboratories on campus in Odense and at Marine Biological Research Centre in Kerteminde as well as different locales around the country and the rest of the world.

The Institute of Biology at the University of Southern Denmark focuses its research in experimental biology within four different areas. In these areas, the research is cutting edge and as a student, you get to be where that research is developed. However, teaching in the biological courses is broad and includes all the basic biological disciplines.

Entry requirements
Relevant undergraduate degree

Application Deadline: 01 April